Next Season Starts Now

Next Season Starts Now

Championships are earned in the months of practice you cram in between the end of this season and the beginning of the next. That’s why acoustIQ has everything you need to help make it happen. Our Grand Slam suite of pipe band percussion accessories offers a range of products that will deliver the best results from your efforts.

The new Grand Slam IQ1 snare drum sticks‘ great balance, feel and feedback on the drum and practice pad deliver the control and clarity across the full dynamic range that you would expect from a professional pipe band and marching snare drum stick. They are beautifully paired and finished in a selection of natural, black and white lacquers.

The perfect match for any snare drum sticks or practice tenor drum mallets is the new Grand Slam practice pad. Just throw it onto a table, desk or counter-top surface, and the natural rebound and realistic drumhead-like feel will deliver unrivalled clarity and accuracy to all drum corps and solo practice sessions.

For tenor drummers, you can rely on the patented injection-moulded design of the new acoustIQ Grand Slam tenor drum mallets to deliver absolute confidence in a stick that will never come apart during the rigours of day-to-day performance. Well balanced to accommodate the full range of dynamic, rhythmical and visual techniques, the acoustIQ Grand Slam tenor drum mallet offers great feel, response and reliability to tenor drummers of all levels of expertise.

acoustIQ Grand Slam products are available now from our dealers.

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